Meet Luna: The Enchanting Ragdoll Mix Rescued with Mesmerizing Oceanic Eyes.

Cats are known for having beautiful eyes, and there’s no denying that many of them have mesmerizing green ones. Take Luna, for example. Her eyes are a stunning shade of sea green that you just can’t help but stare into. Luna has gained quite a following online thanks to her striking eyes and adorable poses, but her life didn’t start off easy. Thankfully, her human found her on Petfinder and rescued her from a cat rescue that had saved her from a kill shelter.

Luna, a resident of California, was born on July 13, 2018 and is pampered by her loving cat mom. Her owner discovered that Luna has a natural talent for posing in front of the camera. This feline beauty seems to enjoy showcasing her charm and elegance. One can’t help but admire how the shadow accentuates her perfectly lined cat eyeliner.

luna the rescue ragdoll

Luna’s owner describes her as a lovable pet who enjoys being around her companion all the time, following her like a faithful shadow across the house.

Luna the rescue ragdoll

Similar to the majority of Ragdoll felines, Luna is delightful and warm-hearted. She delights in cuddling up and engaging with her playthings as well.

I adore how her cute pink nose perfectly matches her adorable pink paw pads!

Spending hours gazing into her beautiful eyes is something I could do endlessly.

Introducing Gladstone, the Top Feline at Her Majesty’s Treasury, who also enjoys birdwatching in her spare time.

Hey Luna, you are definitely one of the most stunning gray tuxedo cats that I have ever laid my eyes on!

Just hanging out and taking it easy!

Interested in staying updated with this adorable person on social media? You can easily follow her and her stunning eyes on Instagram by clicking on the link provided.

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