Meet Suki: The Exceptional Feline Explorer.

Meet Suki – The Most Adventurous Cat In The World

Let me introduce you to Suki, the feline who might have traveled more than you. This adventurous Bengal kitty has gained a massive following worldwide, and I can’t wait to share her story with you! Suki’s journey began in Alberta, Canada when Marti, her owner, and partner adopted her after their previous cat passed away.

@sukiicat shared that the couple enjoyed hiking and traveling, and they were looking for a feline companion who could keep up with their active lifestyle. While most house cats prefer lounging indoors, Bengals are notorious for enjoying time spent outside.

With gratitude to @sukiicat, Marti’s life took a meaningful turn on March 28, 2017, when she and her partner welcomed the adorable Suki into their loving abode. Ever since that day, they have been bound together in an unbreakable bond of companionship.

@sukiicat graciously shared that Marti and her partner welcomed Suki to their family as they believed she would be a great fit. Many people may wonder how Suki acquired such impeccable behavior, particularly when being photographed in breathtaking outdoor environments. However, it is important to note that Marti invested a significant amount of effort into training Suki to follow her lead and obey commands using a leash.

Thanks to @sukiicat’s owner, who began training her since she was a little kitten, Suki has become an expert in exploring the outdoors on a leash. Her owner, Marti, reveals that Suki gets excited whenever she spots her leash by the door.

@Sukiicat is the proud owner of an adventurous Bengal cat named Suki, who at the age of 3 has already shown a fearless spirit and desire for exploration. A quick glance through their Instagram feed reveals stunning photos of Suki traveling the globe alongside her loving owner.

With thanks to @sukiicat, she has explored various destinations in her home country of Canada, Europe, and South America. Her appreciation for nature has led her to indulge in exciting activities such as hiking and canoeing with her parents.

Thanks to @sukiicat, we get to witness her adorable adventures. She often joins in just for the view, comfortably seated in her unique backpack-carrier. Suki has captured the affection of countless fans, and she cherishes them just as much as they adore her.

@sukiicat shared that her cat Marti is quite sociable and enjoys interacting with others. To prevent Marti from getting too sidetracked by all the attention she gets from hikers, Suki takes her on excursions during the early hours of the day.

With permission from @sukiicat, let’s talk about Suki’s goal. Marti aims to inspire people to take their feline friends outside and appreciate them more. Cats have so much potential that often goes unnoticed.

@sukiicat has shown that cats are not just lazy creatures; they have the intelligence to be trained. Marti takes pride in Suki’s achievements and how she has shattered the stereotype of lazy cats. Suki has become an inspiration for many cat owners to spend quality time with their feline friends and enjoy safe outdoor activities under supervision.

Don’t forget to give a follow to @sukiicat on Instagram and stay updated on her exciting escapades!

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