Messi Shares Heartfelt Wisdom with Children: ‘Do Your Best to Pursue Your Dreams

On October 4, superstar Lionel Messi took part in a children’s project at DRV, the home stadium of Inter Miami Club.Messi spoke briefly with young supporters in this location.

When a young girl asked Messi for tips on how to be successful, he delivered a well-received response.

Image of Messi during the exchange session with children on the morning of October 4. Photo: IG

“It’s difficult for me to give specific advice. The only thing I can say is to live with a dream and strive to pursue your dream. I think that’s the most important thing. Each person has a goal. your own goals but with hard work, dedication and faith, you will succeed. Rewards at the end of the road are for those who make efforts.

The trip can be challenging at times, but we must not give up and keep moving forward.That’s what I’ve done my entire career.”I believe I now have everything I desire,” Messi admitted.

A young man named Camilo also asked Messi how he handles pressure when he gets to the finals.”I don’t know if there is any secret,” the Argentine superstar said shortly, “but I always keep calm and believe in myself.”

Messi is still racing against the clock to return.Tata Martino, the coach of Inter Miami, claims that the 2022 World Cup champion no longer needs to practice individually.Messi will almost certainly miss the match against Chicago Fire on October 5.The 36-year-old striker is slated to return against Cincinnati FC on October 8.

Messi is still working hard to return soon



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