Mocked for Resembling a Pig, Only He Understood the Hidden Pain Within.

A man was walking down the street when he saw a homeless dog wandering around, his face swollen and painful. While others were amused by the dog’s plight, those who cared didn’t turn a blind eye.

He called rescue group Animal Aid Unlimited (AAU) and asked for their help. When rescue teams rushed to the scene to help the dog, they were not prepared for the horrific sight before them.

Rescuers were concerned when they saw the lump on the dog’s face looked more like a pig.

The dog happily wagged its tail to greet rescuers and even accepted their treat, but flinched in pain every time rescuers tried to pet it.


After several failed attempts to catch the dog, rescuers eventually had to use a net to protect the poor animal.

The shelter’s veterinarian soon discovered a severe abscess on the dog’s cheek that was at the heart of the swelling. The abscess area is shaved and drained, then cleaned and sutured.

Rescuers don’t know if the treatment will work, but they keep a close eye on the dog and hope it survives.

In this video, we see the dog’s miraculous transformation after 2 weeks of intensive care. His swelling is completely gone and he finally looks like a normal dog!

With that big smile, twinkling eyes, and cute personality, he’s definitely grown into a gorgeous puppy.


We thank the entire AAU team for their excellent rescue work and caring passersby who didn’t turn a blind eye!

Click the video below to watch how rescuers turned this horrific situation into a happy ending.


Warning: The content of this video may be disturbing to some viewers.

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