Mother Dog Poisoned, Yet She Summons Her Last Energy to Lift Her Head, Begging to Save Her Puppies

When she gave birth to her litter of 6 puppies and was trying to get food, someone poisoned her by putting poisoned food underneath a car. The unfortunate female became trapped and consumed the poisoned food.

A little child discovered Luna in a awful predicament. After waiting until the elderly male who had actually left the food had departed, he phoned the Prishtina Dog Shelter. As soon as they get there, Luna begins to breathe excessively but still lifts her head in a desperate plea to save her little children. Her life was saved by an emergency injection from the volunteer’s vet.

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She was taken right into the Prishtina Dog Sanctuary, where she was reunited with her puppies …

The next day, Luna was finally prepared to get her first injections, which are essential for her and her puppies’ health and wellness. She was a little worried however behaved wonderfully, such a lovely canine. She was quite weak and needed rest, but she was well.

Next morning Vet check her and everything was okay, Luna is OK as her babies still too young, haven’t ready for adoption. Luna was quite pleased when she saw them.

She was really friendly, so she was definitely not a stray dog that had been left there.

… some nice sights in its place …

Nikita and Luna, 2 orphans that were abandoned and found a day before Luna was, follow Luna, who allows them to nurse even though they are not her children. Isn’t she a sweet mother?

The good news was that Luna and her children were all adopted and will now have a lifelong home after only 10 days in the facility. Luna deserves a caring family in Los Angeles.

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