Mukutan’s Journey: Rescued from a Maize Field to a New Life at Laikipia Nature Conservancy


In a heartwarming rescue tale, meet Mukutan, a young elephant whose journey from a maize field near Laikipia Nature Conservancy to a haven is a testament to the power of community and conservation efforts.

Mukutan’s story began when he was discovered alone in the maize fields, appearing scared, malnourished, and too young to fend for himself.

While the circumstances of his orphanhood remained unclear, it is suspected that human-wildlife conflict played a role, with the elephant herd potentially raiding nearby maize fields for sustenance.

The local community promptly reported Mukutan’s predicament to the Laikipia warden, who swiftly dispatched KWS rangers to assess the situation.

Despite humans inadvertently causing his plight, the community’s actions were crucial in Mukutan’s rescue.

Photographs of the young elephant were shared to determine the best course of action, leading to a plan to transport him via helicopter.

Though his size didn’t pose an issue, Mukutan’s anxious demeanor presented a challenge. Nevertheless, a dedicated rescue team safely airlifted him to the Nairobi Nursery.



Once in the safety of the nursery, the primary concern shifted to taming the spirited young bull. Despite his small stature, Mukutan exhibited remarkable aggression, a typical response to a new and unfamiliar environment.


His behavior left many wondering about his hardships as an unwelcome intruder in the corn fields.

Taming Mukutan proved to be a challenging but ultimately successful endeavor. He spent a significant period within his enclosure, slowly adjusting to his new surroundings.



During this time, Mukutan formed meaningful relationships, particularly enjoying the company of fellow elephants Kamili, Choka, and Sagateisa.






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