Neymar drives fans stunned with his new look

Neymar's uncontrolled weight gain causes fever - Photo: REDDIT

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Fever brought on by Neymar’s unchecked weight gain – Image: REDDIT

Neymar recently made an appearance at Brazilian football great Romario’s 58th birthday celebration. However, Neymar “overshadowed” senior Romario as the press gathered to cover the peculiar sight of the former Barcelona player.

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Neymar, 31, appears to be overweight in the image purportedly taken at a birthday celebration. His face is likewise more rounded, which amply illustrates this. Neymar’s “bulky” physique necessitates the use of loose T-shirts.

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Many people think that Neymar’s four-month hiatus from competition is to blame for this. In October of last year, the Al-Hilal Club player sustained an injury while representing Brazil. After undergoing surgery, he is anticipated to be ready to compete again in September 2024.

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Neymar’s extravagant and carefree way of living has made him well-known for a long time. Therefore, it is very feasible that he will put on weight swiftly.

Neymar's post 10 days ago on Facebook shows that he has not shown any signs of aging - Screenshot

Neymar hasn’t displayed any signs of aging, according to a Facebook post from ten days ago. – Screenshot

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Neymar worries a lot of people because of his recent “shocking” appearance. With this uncontrollably increased weight, is he still able to play football? After spotting Neymar in good shape, online users immediately made the comparison between him and the late great Ronaldo, who also acquired weight rapidly near the end of his career.

Many fans claim that the images have been Photoshopped and do not think that this is Neymar. Reddit user Masam10 stated that he saw Neymar’s livestream last week and noticed that the athlete was in good shape, unlike how he seemed in the photo. Neymar also refrained from sharing images of the illustrious Romario’s birthday celebration on the social media platform Facebook.

On January 19, Neymar published his most recent post on Facebook. That’s how Neymar appears to be holding his daughter. The Brazilian celebrity still has a stunning figure in this photo. Formerly, Neymar was thought to be the next big thing in football, but his carefree attitude prevented him from succeeding.

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