Passengers applaud driver after stopping bus to rescue a dog, showcasing their compassion and empathy towards animals.

In Rio de Janeiro, a black dog was trapped in the middle of the busy highway. The frightened dog was dangerous near the lane separated lines on the high -speed bus lane. Worried that the dog stopped and got off the bus before the bus driver Silvio Gomes.

The passengers were confused about what happened, but some people photographed what happened next.

“I left Magellan’s station and saw the dog lying on the ground under the gap of the concrete … I turned around, the dog was scared and was about to jump. ‘”Gomez told Global Television.

In the video, Gomez calmly brought the dog back to the bus. After the two got on the car safely, the passengers broke out with applause and cheers.

The dog looks very gratifying and is happy with the change of the matter. But he still wants to be happier.

After sending the dog to the animal shelter, Gomez told his wife the story and immediately “in trouble” because he did not take the dog home. The next day after saving the dog, Gomez became a hero again and adopted the dog.

He said he plans to name the dog Olímpicos to commemorate the rescue location near the Olympic Games.

In response to “the bus driver cheered after stopping the dog in the middle of the highway.”

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