Police Dog Honored for Shielding His Partner During a Shooting, Putting His Body on the Line.

Arno was a Peruvian National Police dog that placed his life in risk with each assignment and was never hesitant to accomplish his job. This security team paid tribute to him since he and his guide were an exceptional couple battling crime.

This furry person, who specialized in criminal defense and assault, was even shot by a bullet during one of his work days while defending his guide from the criminal’s attack.

“With each action that animals take, we gain a better understanding of their dignity and commitment to humans.” “We share the narrative of Arno and his guide to him, who risked his life in the line of duty,” said the National Police of this South American country in a tribute posted on the social network Facebook.

There were no difficult assignments for Arno, therefore he leaped on top of the aggressor when he pointed a revolver at his fellow police. They were successful in apprehending the gunman, but when his handler checked on the dog, he discovered that he had been gravely hurt.

It was a terrible scenario in which every second counted in saving Arno’s life, so they decided to move immediately to get him to the emergency hospital where he was treated. Fortunately, despite the fact that it was a critical situation, the dog recovered successfully. Not only that, but he also returned to his previous job.

“After being operated on in intensive care, Arno recovered and returned to fulfill another day of service,” this police authority said in the release.

Throughout his career, Arno served as a police officer in his home nation. The furry guy lived from 1970 to 1979 and was affectionately remembered more than 40 years after his death, as does the plaque outside one of the locations that pays tribute to his work and life.

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