Rejected because of his remarkable flaws, he endured and went on to inspire two more children.

Stitch is a six-month-old bulldog that was discovered in a garbage can by a homeless guy in Nevada, USA.

He was sent to ” Palomino Valley Pet Rescue “, which was in charge of giving him with the required medical treatment.

This courageous puppy was born with a cleft lip and palate. While the longevity of these puppies is typically positive, most people choose to have them removed since they require a surgical surgery to address their condition, which is highly expensive.

Chrissy Boyles, a veterinarian, gathered monies to assist him. You took excellent care of him!

It’s been a long road, but it’s been worthwhile.

Stitch is in a unique position and need a unique family. Ashlee Rodman is a mother of two children, Sam, 4, and Lily, 6, who were both born with cleft lip and palate, and she knew she wanted to adopt this puppy as soon as she learned of its condition.

He stated that he wanted to demonstrate his children that they are not alone and that animals are born with the same condition as they are.

It was something inspiring for the kids, and it brought them a lot of joy and compassion for Stitch. Sam recently had all of the required procedures to correct his condition, and Lily will finish the process when she develops a bit more.

The puppy’s development has been incredibly satisfying.

He is surrounded by a lot of affection. It is obvious that nothing is impossible with will and love.

This puppy even has a Facebook fan page where he inspires many people and uses his situation to assist other dogs in the neighborhood find a home and a solution.

Finally, he had surgery and other required measures in order to improve his condition as much as possible.

It’s fascinating to see its development! Stitch is a true champion! His heroes are the kind hands that saved him.

This small animal has once again taught us a valuable lesson. Life has given him a second opportunity, and knowing his story has helped many people and dogs.

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