Rescued Thin Dog Abandoned for Days by Owner Finds Sweet Redemption.

This is the story of Kairos, who lives in Madrid, Spain and is abandoned by his master.


Unfortunately, he was in considerable distress after being abandoned by his master. The dog is unwell and underweight. He developed scabies and couldn’t even get up and walk.


One day, a nice guy recognized him and rescued him from torment. He immediately brought Kairos to the hospital for treatment. The staff told him he had come barely in time because he was critically unwell.


After a month of treatment, he feels lot better and healthier than before. Now he is wicked and walks with his master without any troubles.


Kayros is very grateful to the doctors that treated him. In addition, he would want to thank his master, who saved him and saved his life. He has a kind heart and selflessly assisted the dog.

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