Residents Install Stepping Stool to Help Dog Reunite with Great Dane Companions.

Dogs, like people, may become friends with their neighbors. Sometimes the finest connections grow over a backyard fence; some dogs even offer their neighbors massages.

Gieuseppe, the chocolate lab, has relocated to a new neighborhood with two Great Dane siblings, Bambino and Vito. From the other side of the fence, the three dogs quickly became pals. Giuseppe greeted the chocolate lab with the same passion as the two friendly Great Dane brothers. The only issue was that Giuseppe couldn’t readily see over the fence to meet his neighbors.

Vito and Bambino are Great Dane brothers who are unusually tall for a dog. While the Great Danes had little trouble seeing over the fence, Giuseppe did not. Because he was shorter than the Great Danes, he didn’t make it all the way to the top of the fence. He’s attempted several times to catapult himself high enough to give Vito and Bambino a proper whiff, but he’s never been successful.

Fortunately, Gieuseppe’s owner witnessed the entire incident and decided to set up a stool so his dog could stand on it and greet his new buddies. “My first reaction used to be to burst out laughing,” Afton said. “I couldn’t help myself after seeing how his tiny feet had stretched and his tail had blurred from swinging too rapidly. So lovely.” Robert snapped a snapshot and sent it to his new neighbors, who thought it was such a nice shot that they posted it on Instagram.

Giuseppe and his neighbors are now pals. They frequently go on walks and play together. It’s fantastic that these dogs have formed a lovely connection because of a simple stool.

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