Sadio Mane, 31, marries girlfriend, ’19’, in ceremony in his native Senegal

Former Liverpool striker Sadio Mane tied the knot with his fiancée, Aisha Tamba, who is 19 years old, in a private ceremony that took place in Senegal, the nation in which he was born.

Just six days before the start of the Africa Cup of Nations on January 13, the wedding is thought to have taken place on January 7 in Keur Massar, which is a neighborhood in Dakar, the capital city of Senegal.

Reportedly, the ceremony was attended by members of the footballer’s family, friends, and fellow football players.

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According to reports, There is no information on the length of time that Aisha has been dating the player who is now 31 years old, but it is known that she has had feelings for him ever since she was a teenager. Sixteen years of age is the minimum age required to give consent in Senegal.

It was also stated by Pulse Sports that the former Liverpool star had paid her bills while she was attending school. This information was derived from the report.

Sadio Mane has married his ’19-year-old long-time girlfriend, Aisha Tamba

The wedding took place in a private ceremony in his home country of Senegal on January 7

Reports claim Aisha ‘was long intended for the 31-year-old footballer since her teenage years’

Sadio Mane kisses the hand of his new bride in a wedding photoshoot

The footballer is seen affectionately fixing his bride’s veil in the wedding photos

The couple, who are smiling and holding hands, with a floral background behind them

Initial reports stated that Aisha was 18 years old; however, Senegalese media stated on Tuesday night that she was 19 years old and that she was from a suburb of Dakar, which is the capital city.

Islam is the faith that the couple adheres to together, and both of them are considered to be private individuals. A handful of the official wedding photographs were uploaded to the Instagram account @SMane_Officiel, and the remark that accompanied them read “thanks to God” in Arabic.

The photography studio known as @Magvision_Evens_Officiel has uploaded photographs from the wedding to their Instagram account. Immediately following the wedding, the photographs capture Mane and his wife, who was born in the Casamance region of Senegal and is the daughter of an architect, posing with their hands together and holding hands.

Within one of the photographs, the two individuals can be seen seated beneath a bouquet of roses, with the words “Mrs. Mane” printed on the wall.

After their wedding, the couple was seen smiling and laughing in a video that was uploaded on X (which was then known as Twitter) by @abdullahayofel. The video depicts them sitting together on a sofa.

“A very simple and humble man; congratulations, Sadio Mane,” was the caption that accompanied the photo. May Allah bless the union that you have.

As shown in the photographs taken at the wedding, Aisha is dressed in a mermaid-style dress that is ornate, fitting, and lacey. She also has long sleeves and a silk veil.

The second dress that she is wearing is depicted in other photographs. It consists of a silk white top and skirt combination, which she has paired with a massive gold necklace and earrings. Both of the bride’s hands are covered in henna as well.

It is possible to observe Mane dressed in a traditional Senegalese garment in the photographs.

When Mane was at Liverpool, he did not make any public announcements about his romantic relationships, and he did not disclose his relationship with Aisha.

In the year 2022, he had, on the other hand, previously expressed his preferences for the kind of person he would marry.

Sorry, but you might be wasting your time if you ask me why I am not married. I’ve seen a lot of girls asking me why I am not married. According to the Tribune, Mane stated that the woman he will marry will not be registered on any social networking sites.

I would like to wed a woman who has a deep reverence for God and is a good prayer. One more thing that Mane said was that “everyone has their own way of making their choice of love.”

As reported by Sports Brief, the player made his initial observation of Aisha when she was 16 years old; nevertheless, he did not make an official approach to her at that time.

According to reports, he did, in fact, disclose his plans to his uncle, who was a friend of the family, which ultimately resulted in the two of them being married.

The couple pose together, with Aisha affectionately holding Mane’s chin

Aisha is seen wearing gold jewellery in some of the wedding snaps

Mane joined Cristiano Ronaldo at Al-Nassr in a deal that will see him earn £650,000-per-week

Since joining the Saudi Pro League side, Mane has scored 12 times in 26 appearances

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