Senior Dog Rescued After Being Stranded and Immobile in Drain

Animal Aid Unlimited went out to save an elderly dog who had become stuck in a drain after getting a call about him.

The elder child had collapsed in a sewer drain in an effort to get some sort of pain relief. Maggots were bursting from his massive wound.

The dog was practically toothless, arthritic, and had a significant cut on his back.

He was in agony and elderly and feeble, so they carefully removed the poor guy from the drain to take him to the veterinary clinic.

They administered painkillers and an IV to treat the maggot issue.

The fact that the dog was eating and that his wound had completely healed in just a few weeks brought them relief.

He wouldn’t have had much time left to live without help.


Today’s new puppy is named Shabaash, and you should check him out.


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