Shepherd Dog and Mouse Form Unlikely Intimate Friendship—Mouse Takes on the Surprising Role of Cleaning the Dog’s Teeth

Animals have emotions and feelings too and they also need friendship to cheer things up a little. They don’t just make friends with their own species but sometimes they form unusual bonds with other species too, just like the following pictures that you are about to witness.

Shepherd dogs are often associated with bravery, leadership and power. Who could have imagined that a shepherd dog can form an unusual and cute friendship with a mouse? Yes, you’ve heard it right, with a mouse that is not afraid of being together with a big dog!

Unusual friendship across species between this shepherd dog and mouse show that animals may be far more emotionally complex than people believe!

Osiris is a 5-year-old Dutch Shepherd, while Riff Rat is as his name would suggest, a 7-month-old rat.

Riff Ratt and Osiris, the unlikely friends who have become inseparable.

The Shepard dog Osiris was a rescue dog who was abandoned when he was a little pup, now he is working as a therapy dog and he has helped his owners to look after different animals throughout the years.

Riff Rat was rescued by the owners when he was 4-month-old.

When Osiris first approached Riff Rat, the owners worried that Osiris could have eaten the rat but they were surprised to find out that these 2 guys could actually get along peacefully.

Osiris likes to lick Riff Rat with his big tongue and Riff Rat seemed to enjoy the special intimate bond.

They like to hang out together on the comfortable couch.
Riff Rat kisses the big guy to show his appreciation of the friendship.

One day, Osiris felt uncomfortable with his teeth and asked his little buddy to help.

Riff Rat is willing to become the dentist of the day to check his friend’s teeth up and he helps to clean it!

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