Small Dog Rescued from Trash Can, Found Tied Up and Barking for Help, Miraculously Saved from a Heartless Fate.

There are people who with a simple gesture can save an animal’s life. A well-timed call, some food, some water… Simply open the door for the animal to spend the night and then find a better place for it!

But just like every day we tell the stories of these amazing heroes, who have made hundreds of dogs and cats around the world happy pets, entitled to a second chance, they I can also tell you about people whose behavior is simply reprehensible.

The puppy was thrown in the trash inside a bag

We are talking about cruel people, capable of making the lives of dogs and cats a true martyrdom. Not only are they deprived of love, care and respect when they are with them, others abandon them to their fate on the streets, sometimes in the worst possible conditions.

As if the poor little animal didn’t have enough!

First of all, Spillo is a 14-year-old puppy, so he is already considered an older dog and therefore, with his many limitations. At his age, he deserves not only respect, but also special care and unconditional love, but none of that happened.

The little dog was found tied up in a bag and thrown in the trash in the suburb of S. Basilio on the outskirts of Rome, the Italian newspaper La Stampa reported . Spillo, was able to pierce the bag to breathe and bark for help.

Fortunately, some passersby heard the barking and called the police . The traumatized dog was taken in by Animalisti Italiani volunteers who launched an online campaign on social media to help find the loving dog a forever home.

And the campaign to help the “sweet Spillo” was successful when a family living in Fiumicino, near Rome, decided to adopt him!

When everything seems to be over, life blooms for Spillo

“From today on, Spillo will be loved and respected with two other beautiful dogs named Pinin and Bella and with a cat named Mirto,” the family said. Amazing!

If you feel outraged that cases like this continue to happen in the world, please share this news, even though it has a happy ending, it will make others ponder.

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