Street Dog With Ruptured Eye Discovers the Meaning of Love and Compassion

Animal Help Unlimited in India immediately sent rescuers to the scene after learning of a wounded street animal in need of help .

Penny, an inept pet dog, was discovered by the rescuers after being involved in an automobile accident. A pet’s life on the streets is difficult, especially in India, where the stray population has exploded.
The Humane Culture estimates that there are more than 30 million street dogs in India (and additionally has the highest price of human fatality by rabies in the world).

Being hurt as a stray can cause agonizing agony and possibly death because there are so many dogs fighting for food, space, and also life. Dime very certainly would have suffered the same fate if Animal Aid Unlimited hadn’t intervened to save him.

When rescuers came across Dime, they saw right away that she was missing one eye.
They hurried her to their hospital for a test, and it turned out that the rest of her face had not been injured by the collision. On the other hand, her eye would need to be removed because it was damaged beyond repair.

Dime’s future was actually on her mind, despite the fact that she was averting her eyes, and she appeared to be aware of it. After just one day at the rescue hospital, Penny started to unwind and depend on the people around her. Through her veil, she was overflowing!

Penny began to blossom into a beautiful, energetic pet after completing surgical therapy. “Love is seen with the heart, not the eyes,” the rescuer stated emphatically. Penny was saved from excruciating pain thanks to the surgical procedure. Her vision is hazy, but love can be seen within her heart.”

Dime is now a happy, energised dog with lots of love to share! She will never have to live on the streets again, and her entire life has been changed in the most wonderful way conceivable.

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