The Charming Story of Spangles, the Delightful Cross-Eyed Cat.

Introducing Spangles, the adorable feline with a unique charm. Born on the 4th of July, his owner gave him the perfect name that suits him well. Spangles enjoys being in front of the camera and loves to strike a pose whenever he’s in the mood. Interestingly, he has one cross eye which he was born with, but it doesn’t affect his vision at all. The kitty loves to explore the outdoors while wearing his harness, watching birds, and playing with his two other feline friends and two small dogs. These are just some of the fun activities that Spangles loves to do, as mentioned by his owner on his Facebook page.

Check out these fantastic photos of Spangles the Cross Eyed Cat! You can find even more of his adorable snaps by following him on Facebook.

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