The Dog, Overwhelmed with Emotion, Wept and Lowered His Head in Thanks as Bystanders Offered Him Food Following Days of Starvation.

 Thousands of people witnessed the heartbreaking moment in the viral video posted in 2020. It was also shared on other social media platforms besides Douyin.

The event occurred in the northern Chinese province of Shanxi, in the city of Jinzhong. The viewers were moved to tears after witnessing the stranger’s treatment of the dog.

A woman was strolling to the park with her pals when she noticed a charming small dog on the street. She was taken aback by the dog’s reaction when she offered him some sausages.

After an unknown woman offered him food, the dog’s eyes welled up. The footage showed him standing on his hind legs and waving his front paws as if he were applauding. The woman revealed:

“When we offered him food, he started weeping, and I attempted to put him in our car one time, but he refused and leapt back on the street.”

Another segment of the video visited the woman returning to the dog, and he immediately recognized her. He dashed towards her, as if he had been making her arrival.

“All things have spirit, be kind to them,” a Douyin viewer wrote.

As she gave him sausages, the woman captured the cute dog wagging his tail. She also assumed that the dog refused to enter her car because he confused her for someone else.

Because it was customary for dog catchers to lure pups into vans, the little pup may have mistaken the woman for one of them. She visited to the same location a few days later, but the dog was not there. She continued, saying:

“I looked for it a few times these few days, but I couldn’t locate him.”

She also intended to ask the cleaners whether they had seen the dog nearby. The video quickly went popular on the internet, and many viewers expressed their emotions in the comments area.

“All things have spirit, be kind to them,” a Douyin viewer wrote. Most people admired the woman but felt sorry for the dog. Another viewer commented:

“Dogs are emotional creatures, and if you treat them correctly, they will reward you greatly.”

Another viewer thought the dog made a mistake by trusting people, and that the dog-catchers had taken him away. “It’s conceivable it’s no longer there,” she wrote.

Another viewer wrote, “So thankful dog,” and included sobbing emojis. After seeing the sorrowful film, the majority of viewers felt depressed.

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