The Dog With a Curved, Warped Face Continuously Craves a Loving Home

The Dog With A Curved, Warped Face Always Longs For A Loving Home
The Dog With A Curved, Warped Face Always Longs For A Loving Home

The story of Woody, a dog that longs for a forever home. The dog had an unfinished childhood.

Woody was attacked by another dog when he was five weeks old, and he “had to self-medicate without veterinary attention,” according to SNARR Animal Rescue.

SNARR arrived and rescued Woody after the owner tied and abandoned the dog outside. Woody was alone for six weeks, living on the compassion of neighbors who brought him food, until the SNARR discovered him and rescued him.

SNARR posted on Facebook that Woody’s family had previously moved and left the dog behind. “We chose to remove him from this loveless environment.”

Despite the dog’s distorted face, there were no health issues. “Woody looks a little different from other dogs, but that doesn’t concern us at all; in fact, it makes us love him even more.”

His rescuers adore him for more than simply his appearance. They quickly discover that Pit Bull has a large heart.

Woody’s adoptive mother was not pleased when he arrived at his foster home.

According to Jamie Bond’s adoptive mother. “I was sick with a fever the first day we got Woody,” “and the dog realized something was wrong and was always at my side.” He spent the entire afternoon on the couch with me. He is now like a shadow of me, ensuring that I am always secure and sound. Woody enjoys curling up in bed and resting his head on my chest.”

Woody, who is now 8 months old, is also making up for lost “puppy” time and is very lively and loving.

A dog with a crooked nose is seeking for a permanent home.

SNARR should plan extremely carefully for individuals who wish to adopt the dog since they want to find Woody the best home possible. “Woody, so adorable, needs a little love and a little work, he’s a bit of a hottie,” they wrote. He also requires a home free of cats, since he enjoys chasing them away.”

“We also feel it would grow best in a house with only bitches,” SNARR stated.

He is presently being reared with four other heifers and is just outstanding. Woody is fine with children, but we believe that older dogs (over 10 years old) are best with him. He is not violent with anything or anybody, but he is a huge dog who may become irritated and jumpy at times, so larger dogs are better suited.

Anyone interested in adopting Woody (and those who meet the requirements) can apply on the SNARR Northwest website.

New update about Woody dog:

We have some heartfelt news to share regarding Woody the dog. SNAAR is thrilled to share that Woody has found a loving home after months of seeking.

They uploaded photos of Woody in his new home, pleased with a new family and pals.

We wish Woody the best with his new buddies and extend our gratitude to his new family.

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