The Heartwarming and Unlikely Friendship Between Max the Husky and Quackers the Duck Is Truly Lovable, Demonstrating the Beauty of Unconventional Bonds.

Max, a twelve-year-old Husky and Quackers, a four-year-old duck, the most famous duo in Strout, Minnesota, and a completely inseparable pair. Locals know and love the pair who can be seen on any day of the week roaming beside Highway 28 together during warmer weather but are forever cuddled up no matter where they’d found.

Adopted at the age of five and having lost his companions, Max met Quackers as a duckling who had also lost its siblings. The two were no longer alone, having finally found each other. They’ve been together forever since from that moment onward.

They eat together, they sleep together, and they travel everywhere together. This is a dog and duck that are companions for life and an utterly adorable friendship that is heartwarming to witness. Max and Quackers started off as local stars in Minnesota, but it didn’t take long for the whole world to be inspired by their unlikely bond.

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