The Metro Station Became the Home of the Cat

This calm calico kitten does not have a name, but she’s known as the Taksim Metro Station Cat because of where she lives.

For over three years, this bright cat has made the station and escalators her home.

She spends the most of her time in Istanbul’s Taksim Metro, generally at the top of the escalator, and she appears to be at ease.

She also enjoys traveling on the moving walkway; it’s a fun ride, so she jumps on anytime she’s bored or needs to get some exercise.

She enjoys it when passengers want to snap pictures of her since she is quite photogenic and has been known to strike a pose now and again.

She doesn’t go hungry, there is always someone there to attend to her needs.

She has a lot of locations where she can take a sleep…

Istanbul is full of street cats, and the most of them are properly cared for by the people; they aren’t pets, but neither are they feral; the community watches out for them and even takes them to the vet when necessary.

Check out the video to see how at ease this beautiful kitten is:

Even if it means obstructing commuter traffic!

Cats are an important element of Istanbul; without cats, the city would be incomplete. Istanbul, keep up the good work!


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