The poor dog kept glancing at passersby, waiting with a glimmer of hope for help, even though her stomach was on the verge of exploding. But, alas, everyone continued to ignore her.

A poor dog with a belly so big. It looks like it’s bursting. She couldn’t get up, she was just lying on her back and very heavy. She was panic and so scared.

A good samaritain found her and decided to help her. She didn’t trust humans whe they came near to her.

“Calm down, you will be helped” Said the man.

Everything was so bad. The man contacted a local rescue organisation and they came quicly.

 ” We have reached her. She is very heavy, perhaps she had very difficult days giving birth on the street.” said the rescuer

They took her to their clinic, Vet said that she had a lot  of fluid in her stomac and she will survive.

After just one day in the Clinic she started eating some soft food. May God continue to bless this poor baby.

“For now this unfortunate girl is safe. We will try to help her to fully recover.” Said the Vet.

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