The reluctant Husky amused the family with its unimpressed demeanor towards the Christmas card idea.

It can happen to the best of us; Christmas rolls around, and for whatever reason it’s just tough to get into the holiday spirit. But as hard as it might be, we push through and make the best of it for everyone else’s sake. But we probably look like the Husky below while doing so! ????

Anuko the Husky is famous for his grumpy, unimpressed look that’s exaggerated by the dark fur mask around his face. But the look is deceiving. His owner, Jasmine, says Anuko actually shows great enthusiasm for life and all it has to offer!

Anuko isn’t a big cuddler, but he does follow Mom around everywhere. The Husky was even a great help for her while she was dealing with some mental health issues at the time she brought him into her life.

Although the dog isn’t actually grumpy, his unimpressed looks make for hilariously awkward photo shoots that are perfect for holiday funnies! Just take a look at the photos below and we think you’ll agree. ????

You can’t help but love these! Anuko the Husky is the best. ????

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