This sentence describes a heartwarming moment where a blind dog realizes she is on her way to the dog park, causing the internet to react with emotional responses.

Kida is a cute and vivacious puppy that had eye removal owing to a rare inflammatory condition. Despite this, Allison, her owner, claims that she is quite active; she barks at everything, plays, runs about, and adores visiting the dog park.

“We have to stay outside the dog park for her protection because of how some dogs respond to her. But she often hosts playdates with her four closest buddies. She is able to run and play with them just like any other sighted dog because she has the layout of the yard memorized.


Kida resides in Houston with her owner Allison. Animal-loving Allison works with rescues to assist neighborhood stray animals. The owner admitted that Kida is currently the center of her world. When she was 5 months old, she was given Kida.


“Her previous owners forced her to watch over their hens, but she eventually started chasing and attempting to eat them. This is indeed a very frequent reason for rehoming or abandoning Great Pyrenees. When in fact it frequently takes a lot of training to bring them to that position, they are frequently expected to know how to guard instantly! ”


According to Kida’s owner, she often records videos and photographs of the dog. One day, she decided that the song playing at the time was the ideal accompaniment to the adorable footage of the dog. She made the decision to record the dog in a TikTok video as a result.


“I genuinely think my family is content that I have outlets to share them on rather than pestering them with images and videos of her all the time! The moment Kida’s TikTok video became popular, I created an Instagram account for her so I could start sharing daily photos of her with everyone.

Kida is seen in the little clip wagging her tail joyfully while her head is thrust out of the window.

The owner of Kida said that she had no idea how many people had viewed the video. Pet owners frequently questioned her. “I truly enjoy being able to respond to inquiries from the public and educate people about the beautiful life that animals with ‘disabilities’ can still lead. It’s also been wonderful to hear from people who have blind pets or are undergoing enucleation and have queries that I can try to address.”

About twice a week, or more frequently if her owners have the time, Kida is taken to the park. “We answer, ‘Dog park?’” Immediately after hearing “before you go,” her ears perk up, and she dashes to the door. She truly gets delighted at the mere mention of the words “dog” or “park.”

As soon as they turn into the park, Kida immediately recognizes where she is and jumps up with her tail wagging, according to Allison. They, therefore, roll the windows down for her, and her tiny nose starts to run wild. The owner continued, “She also loves to bark at anything.

We questioned Allison about Kida’s recovery process following surgery. Kida had no problems at all, according to the owner: “She was actually in such discomfort before her surgery that she felt better right away. The cats that belonged to my sister saw something was off, and they all behaved themselves around her while she healed.

Kida’s dog buddies were initially perplexed when they realized she couldn’t see them, but they all quickly adjusted to playing with her. When her buddies arrive to play, we actually put a collar with bells on them. They don’t mind at all, and Kida can hear them better this way. They don’t mind at all, and Kida can hear them better this way. They are all such wonderful dogs and are wonderful with her. ”

With everyone’s responses and comments, Allison was quite pleased. She said that everybody seemed to adore Kida. It tickled me up how many people said that Kida might have eyes! I’ve been asked so many questions about her, and I’ve been pleased to respond because Kida is one of my favorite topics to discuss! I sincerely want to spread the word that blindness is not the end for dogs! They can still lead extraordinary lives! ”

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