Travolta, Ailing and Undernourished Pup, Finds Lifesaving Home with Vet Who Nursed Him Back to Health

Travolta is now enjoying matching sweaters with his adoptive mom, less than two months after an Uber driver discovered him barely alive.

Months ago, a malnourished dog on the verge of death arrived at a Kentucky veterinary clinic, and the emergency department personnel immediately came up with a fitting moniker for him.

A receptionist asked Emily Bewley, DVM, who was working that day, “Can we name him Travolta? Because this guy is staying alive”.

The star of Saturday Night Fever became well-known, just as Travolta remained close to Bewley, the person who contributed to his survival. On Valentine’s Day last week, she adopted him, and the spirited dog is now living a complete life at home with his human and animal siblings—as well as wearing matching outfits with his mother.


According to Bewley, “He lived up to his moniker.” It’s somewhat amazing that Travolta ever located Bewley. An Uber driver spotted the thin, malnourished puppy as he lay on the side of the road, picked him up, and drove him to Jefferson Animal Hospital in Louisville.

Because he had no owner, Bewley, a staff veterinarian at the Kentucky Humane Society who works at the hospital on the weekends, signed him under her name. Travolta was in particularly bad shape. Maggots crept throughout his body, and feces had matted his fur. In addition, he had a number of infections, including a serious one close to his scrotum, according to Bewley.

He should have weighed around 30 pounds, but the humane society estimates that he only weighed about 14 pounds. He could hardly stand or lift his head since his muscles had completely faded away. Bewley estimates that he was two days or so from passing away.

Nobody is aware of how he got there, she claims.

Bewley and the vet team started working. Travolta, who was about a year old, didn’t require any major surgery, but he did require cleaning, antibiotics, and an IV drip. He was given medication for his anemia and liver problems. He began to consume food and drink water, first in little doses so that his body could become used to absorbing nutrition once more.

The first of many times, he went home with Bewley that evening. Numerous individuals offered to take him in as a foster dog as he started to gain steadily more healthy weight. However, Bewley kept inventing justifications to keep him. Nothing in my eyes was adequate for Travolta, she claims.

Aside from her! She made the decision to adopt him after observing how well he got along with her other pets and her three youngsters. The extremely silly dog, who enjoys goodies, cuddling, and Ewok-like noises, has finally found his forever family. Even his larger canine brothers join in the fun.

This entitles him to a custom-made sweater wardrobe, which includes one with the same tie-dye pattern as his mother.

If Travolta’s tale can teach us anything, it’s to be like the Uber driver and take the initiative to assist out when you can. Fostering, volunteering, or simply giving are all examples. Bewley declares.

“Sometimes when you step in to aid someone else, miraculous things happen.”

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