Whiskers the Magnificent: Abandoned Feline Finds Loving Home in Record Time, A Tale of Resilience and Second Chances.

Edgar, a feline resident of the Humane Society of Carroll County in Maryland, has a staggering weight of 21 pounds! His previous owner had to give him up as Edgar wasn’t fond of their grandchildren. Upon his arrival at the shelter, the staff was flabbergasted by his size.

The Humane Society of Carroll County has taken in a 9-year-old cat that weighs 21 pounds, which is significantly heavier than the average feline. Although not as hefty as Samson, New York City’s biggest cat, Edgar is still considered to be a gentle giant by the shelter staff who were astonished by his kind and patient demeanor during his admission process. Michelle Fidler, the director of animal care at the Humane Society of Carroll County, stated that Edgar managed his intake process with flying colors, and he was a pleasure to work with due to his pleasant nature.

The Carroll County Humane Society decided to share a photo of Edgar, who stood out due to his remarkable size. Fidler believed that their Facebook followers would appreciate seeing Edgar’s picture, and was pleasantly surprised by the overwhelming response he received.

The Carroll County Humane Society was pleasantly surprised by the overwhelming response they received when they posted about Edgar, the huge cat. The post has reached a staggering 1,402,479 people and has garnered 6.2K likes, 13K shares, and 6.7K comments. Edgar became a viral sensation, and requests for adoption flooded in from all over the country. A woman from the local area also heard about Edgar and decided to adopt him with her boyfriend. They made their way to the shelter and happily welcomed Edgar into their family.

The Carroll County Humane Society had a cat named Edgar who caught the attention of Jenna Schwartz. She was in awe of this huge feline and was drawn to his picture. According to her, she had never seen a cat as big and beautiful as Edgar before. Finally, Jenna adopted Edgar and became his new mom.

The Carroll County Humane Society has great news to share! Edgar, one of their rescues, has found his perfect home and is thriving there. He’s living with two other rescues – a cat named Loki and a Chihuahua named Thor – and they all get along famously. Edgar’s new parents are over the moon with love for him.

The Humane Society of Carroll County was pleased with how quickly Edgar was adopted after arriving at their shelter. According to Fidler, the process was completed within hours, which is exactly what they hope for every animal in their care. It was a great outcome for everyone involved.

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