Woman and Her Husky Take a Fall into Muddy Waters While Pursuing an Escaped Dog.

It is every dog and dog owner’s nightmare…. bath time! Most dogs tend to be fidgety when being bathed. More often than not, a hilarious scene of the owner being wet can be seen after the dog’s bath, as though they took the bath themselves. However, some active dogs do not agree on keeping themselves clean after bathing and suddenly just wander off and come back being soiled again.

A young woman from Zhengzhou, Henan, China, owns a Siberian Husky that often stays at home. Huskies are known to be a very energetic breed and can’t be controlled at times. They tend to be fidgety and go their own way. One day, the young woman took her Husky for a walk near Yellow River. The famous river in Henan is known for its murky colored waters and is surrounded by mud pits. Suddenly, the Husky felt so excited that it broke away from its leash and ran. The young woman chased the dog, and together they fell into a mud pit. They were covered in so much muck that netizens compared them to the Terra Cotta warrior statues in museums! 😆

The mud-covered dog was so naughty and restless that no pet shops or pet beauty salons took them in despite the young woman’s begging. Finally, they found one that was willing to let them in. However, it was a self-service shop, and the young woman had no other choice but to bathe her own dog. The Husky was covered in thick mud, and it refused to be bathed. The dog whined loudly and was moving around the bathing sink. The young woman yelled back at the dog, and it shook its wet fur. In return, she got wet from bathing the dog. Incidentally, the store’s drainage holes and sewers were blocked by the mud, which was quite embarrassing. 😆

After posting the video on Weibo, the young woman revealed that the Siberian Husky breed is very energetic. They will run around the house and may break some things if they are not taken out to play. However, when they are allowed to go out and play, they love to get dirty and roll in mud. She also admitted that she was a gentle young woman before she raised a Husky. As soon as the video was shared on social media, netizens had a good laugh at the short clip and left hilarious comments:

“It is not surprising that the dog will behave that way.”

“They both look like statues from the Qin and Han Dynasty. 😆

“The dog’s energy is very scary.”

“The sound of the Husky’s voice is heartbreaking.”

-> However, skeptics thought the whole video was staged for entertainment purposes.

“Why did you bring it back to the car when you were covered in mud? You should have taken it to the river to wash it off first.”

“The mud on the owner’s face was too even.”

View on Weibo. Click HERE.

Regardless of whether the clip was staged or not, it is true that it is difficult to bathe a dog, Siberian Huskies, in particular. Some netizens claim that is difficult to stage a video such as this since getting mud off the dog’s fur is quite a burden. Just a suggestion, though. Siberian Huskies require owners with a big heart and lots of patience. Do not attempt to raise one if you are not ready.

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