Wounded Police Canine Receives Hero’s Welcome on 5 Different Occasions Upon Returning to Duty After Recovery.

Kaiser and his owner, Mark Woolcott, were looking for the suspect who broke into a garden in south London on Sunday, May 30. During the arrest, the suspect got aggressive and gravely wounded the dog.

Kaiser’s narrative is similar to that of the Malinois Jakadi, a RAID dog that was stabbed by a lunatic in January during a hostage-taking in Poissy (Yvelines). Kaiser was stabbed as well while attempting to arrest an intruder in a courtyard.

According to reports, the man left the house with a huge kitchen knife, which he used to assault the animal. Kaiser was struck six times in the face. Mark Woolcott, according to Metro, escaped with a fractured wrist. Despite the fact that he was being attacked, Kaiser was able to control the attacker long enough for the other police to arrest him.

Kaiser is gradually improving.

The dog was transported to the vet, who sewed up his wounds and held him for observation overnight. Kaiser should fully recover. The suspect, 43, is presently being held in prison.

Superintendent Emma Richards praised Kaiser and Mark Woolcott for their bravery. “The events of Sunday evening serve as a reminder of the dangers that our men, women, and animals face on the front lines,” she added. “We ask them to walk into danger and uncertainty every day to keep the public safe, and I’m glad that they do it with such dedication and bravery every time.”

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